Directions to 4121 Ingomar St. NW  (a.k.a. 漫藤齋 )

NE corner of Ingomar @ 42nd:  a yellow stucco house covered with enough ivy to make it look like Sleeping Beauty's Castle (post-apple, pre-prince...), and a bit of a jungle in the front yard -- the sort of place your parents warned you to stay away from when you were a child... (but, if you were a Hobbit, you might feel right at home).

 202.362.8929 (home); 202.746.6693 (cell)

(scroll below photo for travel directions)

From the south by car: head north on Wisconsin; head up the hill after Tenley Circle; after the Best Buy / Container Store at Albemarle on your left, or Guapo's on your right, head down the hill, & at the bottom, just after Ellicott (Capital Shell on your left, Le Chat Noir on your right),  42nd goes off at a 45 angle to the right. Follow 42nd up through the three-syllable alphabet (Fessenden, Garrison, Harrison) until you get to Ingomar. Park wherever you can.

From the north by car:
however you want, get to the intersection of Wisconsin & Western - you are now in the District. Here you have two options:  the simplest involves, however, a left turn across Wisconsin. If that's OK, then keep going south on Wisconsin two blocks; when you see Kinko's on your left, take a left onto Ingomar & continue up to the intersection with 42nd.  Park wherever you can. Option #2 works with lights & stop-signs: on Wisconsin, as you approach the District line @ Western, get into the left lane. A left-turn traffic signal will get you across, and then immediately angle off toward the right onto Military, so you're passing the entrance to the Embassy Suites hotel. Continue up Military, past 43rd Street & 42nd Place; turn right/south onto 42nd Street. Once past the stop-sign @ Jenifer, you have the right-of-way for the next left turn onto Ingomar.  Park wherever you can.

Via Metro: get on the last car of the Red Line to Shady Grove (or, the first car to Glenmont, as appropriate). Get off at Friendship Heights and take the Jenifer Street exit. There's only one way to exit the station at that end, via elevator, and when you're back to reality on Wisconsin, cross it (west to east), turn right and walk south past Kinko's, then turn left (east) on Ingomar and walk up to the intersection with 42nd. No need to park.

Via bus from downtown: take any of the 30-series buses that run up Wisconsin to Friendship Heights. There's no stop right at Ingomar, but it's no problem to pull the cord at Ingomar, then get off just before Jenifer, in front of Chadwick's, and then walk south on Wisconsin till you get to Ingomar. Follow the last two lines of the previous paragraph. Laugh at all those people trying to find legal parking spaces...

GPS caveat: several mapping programs and navigation systems suffer from the delusion that my house is at the east end of the block.  It is not: it's on the west end, and the cross-street is 42nd, not 41st.