China:  Advanced Area Studies

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Spring 2014

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23 Ju1 2014



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Speaker Room Notes
#17 01 Jan 2014 Independent Study] n/a n/a  
#18 08 Jan 2014 Rural Development in Contemporary China Looney F-1210 completed
#19 15 Jan 2014 The Legal Appeal System in the PRC:  Images and Reality Spendelow F-1210 completed
#20 22 Jan2014 de facto Snow Day  準雪地假期 Spendelow F-1210 completed
#21 29 Jan 2014 Festivals and Folklife ("wood-horse" year 甲 午 begins on 31 Jan 2014) Spendelow F-1210 completed
#22 05 Feb 2014 China and the Law: The Historical Legacy of the Imperial and Republican Periods Feinerman K-1502 completed
#23 12 Feb 2014 Taiwan's Earliest History and the Issue of "Independence" Phillips C-3114 completed
#24 19 Feb 2014 Taiwan: From Retrocession 光復 / 接收 through Lee Teng-hui  李登輝 (1945-2000) Phillips K-1502 completed
#25 26 Feb 2014 China and Economic Law: Current Practice, Problems, and Prospects Feinerman F-2328 completed
#26 05 Mar 2014 China and the International Legal Arena Feinerman C-3114 completed
#27 12 Mar 2014 "Women Hold up Half the Sky"  妇女能顶半边天 Spendelow F-1210 completed
#28 18 Mar 2014 Details to be announced in the week preceding the event.  This program takes place on a Tuesday. Please be in your seats by 08:45. Tuesday's language classes will be held on Wed 19 March. Appeal of Conscience Foundation "postponed" because of snow school-wide program  supersedes regular Area / Language Studies
#29 26 Mar  2014 Beginning the Revolution:  The Roots and Branches of 1911 Spendelow F-1210 completed
#30 02 Apr  2014 First United Front (1923-1927) and the Beginnings of National Reunification under the KMT/GMD Spendelow K-1502 completed
#31 09 Apr 2014 China at War (1937-1945) Spendelow F-1210 completed
#32 16 Apr 2014 Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party:  Aberration or Alternative? Rigger K-1502 completed
#33 23 Apr 2014 China's Maritime Disputes, International Law, and U.S. Policy Odom F-1210 completed
#34 30 Apr 2014 The Role of the PLA in Determining China's Security Policy Finkelstein K-1502 completed
#35 07 May 2014 Human Impacts of the GPCR Spendelow F-1210 completed
#36 14 May 2014 Understanding China’s Policy-Making Process: Research Techniques for FSOs Melton C-3114 completed
#37 21 May 2014 Nanking 1937:  Reality, Myth, and Impacts on Today's Sino-Japanese Relations Spendelow F-1210 completed
#38 28 May 2014 China's Hard Slog to Soft Power Daly F-3420 completed
#39 04 Jun 2014 Remembering May 35th, a Quarter-Century Later Spendelow F-1210 completed
#40 11 Jun 2014 Managing Social Tensions in "Rising China" Spendelow K-1503 completed
#41 18 Jun 2014 Tensions in the Early Years of the PRC Spendelow F-1210 completed
#42 25 Jun 2014 The "Ten Bad Years" of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the Aftermath Spendelow D-2101 confirmed
#43 02 Jul 2014 Valedictory Briefing from the China Desk A. Carlson & C. Beede F-3420 confirmed; wrap-up for the Sep 2013 group
#44 09 Jul 2014 The Sino-Centric World in Pre-Modern Times Spendelow K-1503 summer session begins
#45 16 Jul 2014 Twenty-six Centuries of Confucianism Spendelow C-3114  
#46 23 Jul 2014 Tenacity of Tradition: The Imperial Bureaucratic Legacy in Today's China Spendelow C-3116  
#47 30 Jul 2014  [possible joint session with Amb. Williams Burns]      
    As of 30 July 2014, the half-day-per-week schedule of Area Studies classes for China comes to an end.  What's next?