Jacob Spendelow & Sonja Kassel

one leg of the Eastern Tour

March 2006

This photo shows the sight that greeted me when I got off the Metro @ Farragut North on Monday evening, 20 March 2006.  I'd have been even more surprised if Jacob hadn't sent me an enote earlier in the day, saying they were in town.  In between Jacob & Sonja is Jon Fisher, Jacob's friend from grad school.

    The next day, the four of us met for lunch in Arlington, at the Flattop Grill, a place equally welcoming to vegans & omnivores.  After that, Jon showed us his office at the Nature Conservancy (which is in the same building as the restaurant) -- an even greater surprise when I discover that Jon's office-mate is Tim Boucher, last seen by me struggling with some wolfishly difficult puzzle at Jeff's last Christmas.  I don't think Jon & Tim realized they had a Spendelow connection until that moment!